The Quissett Yacht Club

Falmouth, Massachusetts

Quissett Yacht Club (QYC) has series races for Herreshoff 12.5s Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Trophy races are usually held on Sundays, the Fourth of July and Labor Day with many special trophies dedicated to individuals.   QYC also holds a junior series for boys and girls up to the age of 19.

Will O' the Wisp, H 70, sailed by Bob Suitor

Will O’ the Wisp, H 70, in full spinnaker glory!  (Photo courtesy of Quissett Yacht Club)

Wednesday races start at 5:15pm. Single-handed sailing is allowed but those who elect to do so may not fly spinnakers. Turn out has been very strong with sailors as young as five skippering with Mom and/or Dad usually as crew. We want to encourage junior racing!

To encourage racing further, QYC developed a course known as Racing 101. Held on Friday evenings, beginners and/or “rusty” sailors, go out with experienced skippers as coaches.  Short races are run (no spinnakers) to learn starting, basic rules of the road, and mark roundings. Racing 101 has been extremely popular the last several years.

Pani Baba, H49, Sailed by Weatherly and Charlotte Dorris

Pani Baba, H49, having just rounded the leeward mark. (Photo courtesy of Quissett Yacht Club)

Women interested in learning how to handle the Herreshoff 12.5 may join Water lilies, a very successful program started by Janet Chalmers.  In the summer of 2016, 35 women took classes with at least 10 instructors Friday mornings.

The current QYC H 12.5 fleet has a total of 63 Herreshoff 12.5s listed with a mix of wooden boats and Doughdishes. Research for the QYC centennial book Glorious Good Times revealed that with over 30 H 12.5s racing after the Second World War, two divisions were created to accommodate the fleet.

The future of racing Herreshoff 12.5 in Quissett is very bright with new boats coming into the fleet annually.  Quissett was pleased to host the 2016 Herreshoff 12.5 regatta, and the fleet looks forward to competing next year, at Shelter Island.


A Few of the Fleet Racing

A few of the Quissett fleet, sailing to windward. (Photo courtesy of Quissett Yacht Club)

Photo at top by Amy Ballentine Stevens

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